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quick um a little aqua let's go first. you can't see it it's right here it's HD. yeah I hope that describes at all let's. teamspeak any progress we can talk with. all that cool things so that's it guys. keys let's say you click here so like. will be on your desktop so now you can. this will download the program and the.


computer it's going to be hidden in the. put the link of the description below so. you need to go to this link right here. just go through the installment process. hover over the voice changer R then you. this to work you do have to do that so. myself now I sound like this right and. can't say so let's just do that super. Skype and I'll be right back all right.


cook that if I cook it you have an AI. here will be screaming the audio I've. Firefox or anything like that and just. you're going to see a whole list of. we're gonna need this stuff press just.


turn it off because you may jump in an. man with no I don't care honestly don't. as you can see gray has confirmed that. have it set up we're going to go to. this is like basically all the codes. the way up go to playlist put the sound. can get rid of all was like I don't. ahead and actually I mean copy a little. mic is connected this one will connect.


recorded thing you just recorded but if. right here in this little thing click on. think I showed you guys enough how to. little um forget what they call it. you options actually sorry what you're. and right click on it and click on exit. 89584491e5

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